Glenn and Audrey PG

Relationships requires a connection. It is where we need to be our happiest and be our productive selves.

Relationships take an amount of time and energy as we develop in our business relationships, political relationships, intimate relationships, friendships, children, husbands and wives, schools, and the list goes on.

Every relationship requires a great deal of investment, understanding and listening skills.

It requires one to be present. When we stay present that means fully present in your entire body and spirit to hear and comply.

Relationship means giving up of yourself to truly be authentic in a healthy relationship.

A relationship requires each party to know what exactly they want out of the relationship.

Early in the meeting stage you must determine are you a Giver or a Taker.

A taker is one who needs all of your energy and investment. A giver is seen as the pleaser the one who continuously wants to please and give.

One must decide which one are you? Choosing a mate or the ideal opportunity or whatever you choose for your relationship requires a full check list.

Here are some relationship tips:

¥ Make sure you have a connection.
¥ Make sure you know first are you a Giver or a Taker.Glenn and Audrey PG
¥ You must be compatible with each other.
¥ Can you see yourself in this relationship for the rest of your life?
¥ Are you looking for this person to please you and be your entertainer?
¥ Do you constantly need validation?

How to keep your relationship alive:

¥ Touching is essential for a healthy relationship.
¥ Be sensitive to your partner’s needs and wants.
¥ Keep the newness active and alive.
¥ Stay appealing.
¥ Commit to spending quality time regularly.
¥ Find something you both love to do and time flies when you are together.
¥ Keep the playful attitude burning do not let the flame die.
¥ Interact with positive words and communication.
¥ Keep the body touching, eye contact, speaking and intimacy alive.