Working 15+ years as a “Headhunter” also known as an Executive Recruiter is like riding a roller coaster: you have the highs and the lows. When you are on a high hunting for the ideal candidate for your client you begin to get excited then you find the right person, but then your client will say to you “I am not happy with your person.” So what do you do? Most of the time you want to run and hide.

On Tuesday a 9-year-old boy swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco. He told CBS that the waves in San Francisco Bay kept hitting him in the face. He wanted to stop and turn back but he kept hearing “You Can Do It.” I will always think of 9-year-old James. He kept pushing and kept hearing you can do it. Yes, it is all about the attitude and knowing you can do it.
A shout out to everyone, “You can do it.”
Clouds You can do it