Do you give yourself enough time to invest in new creative thoughts?


Many of my clients are amazed that I am so structured, and I can spend several months working on ONE thing.


I received the calling to focus on that one thing. I chose to make One million dollar at it and to not give up.


When speaking to my clients, I tell them to get organized: put together your goals, get a schedule and hug yourself for making it happen. The reaction I receive all the time is they all feel a sense of relief.


When we rush and do not take the time to relax, life becomes messy and then the negativity and self-sabotage creep in, then the results you are aiming for become something that you cannot believe in.


We always hear these things: Start with the end in mind. Make a full commitment to your higher purpose and stick with it. Prayer always works. Put your income number down.  What you see in your vision is what you will manifest. Smart work makes the dream work. Are you a 2k biller or a six-figure biller?


Making a commitment is writing down your non-negotiable goals. Getting an Accountability Coach to work with is always the best.


Logic and Feelings go hand in hand: A bird cannot fly on one wing. He needs both wings. One wing is logic, and the other wing is your emotions. Allowing yourself to believe does not result from disbelief. Trusting the process and listening to your heart is best. Prayer always helps. It connects you to the Feelings.


Having a successful attitude is building confidence. Giving yourself 90 days to work on a new project is taking time to nourish the belief and willingness to work on a new project or with a new accountability coach.


Every day, I was actively working towards belief or actively working through the emotions of NOT believing.


I stopped looking outside of myself and began to trust the blessings. I began to take time to write in my gratitude journal. I did not let the emotions pull me into the drama. I chose to manage the emotions.


The aha moment is when you stop running around and you take time to understand the HOW AND WHY.